Awards and History

Awards Program

The AFC United Soccer Awards program is designed to recognize players and their families for sustained participation in our club over a period of multiple years.

The concept is similar to “caps” awarded to a player for each appearance for his/her national team.  For AFC United, the club tracks the number of full-sided, official league and/or tournament games played by each player, at the recreational and travel levels, beginning at U7 (i. e., in-house, scrimmage, and 3v3 games are not counted).

When a player reaches a key milestone, the player and his/her family is formally recognized:

  • Brief ceremony, after the game or at an upcoming AFC United event.
  • Special picture recognizing the achievement.
  • Special trophy/plaque – the award is unique for each milestone.


200 games

Emma Brashear, Amanda Wirth

150 games

Caleb Brashear, Sawyer Crawford, Braden Kenderski, Nathan Smeltz, Janelle Szarek, Arianna Werner

100 games

Cole Cook, Tyler Finck, Michael Groller, Nathaniel Janukowicz, Kyler Redfield


Team History

AFC United '09 (starting play in 2017/18)


AFC United '07 (2016/17 to present)


AFC United '05 - SCRAPPERS (2014/15 to present)


AFC United '03 Girls (2013/14)


AFC United '01 Girls Premier (2016/17 to present)


AFC United '01 Girls - FIERCE (2013/14 and 2015/16)